Google Ranking – A lot of people have the misconception that first page Google rankings happen overnight. Let us debunk this myth for you. There is no magic formula for ranking on Google, and no set standard to follow. There can be many shady companies claiming to rank your website on Google within a week or a month. There are also companies that claim to rank websites on the first page of Google overnight. Well, that’s the height of slander. Before we get into the timeline, we need to consider two basic factors:

1- Google has not disclosed their exact ranking algorithm or formula.
2- Ranking heavily depends on his SEO efforts. SEO efforts aside, a website’s Google ranking depends on too many factors, including backlinks, niche expertise, user engagement, page speed, responsiveness, and consistently posting engaging content. depends.

Exactly how long does it take

Generally, it takes about 3-6 months for a website to reach the first page of Google rankings. To get a rough idea of ​​how quickly your website can rise to the top, you need to answer certain questions. These questions include: What are the keywords you want to target? How many? What is the competition for these keywords? What is the current state of the website? What’s your budget? A properly audited website gives digital marketers a rough idea of ​​their SEO strategy and how long it takes to reach the first page of Google rankings organically. Effective measures to rank high. When implementing different tactics to rank on Google, the important thing to remember is that Google primarily focuses on quality, not quantity. Getting to the top of the SERPs requires a solid strategy.

Keywords play an important role

Keyword Identification

• Tell Google about your keywords using meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, alt tags, and more.

• Write for humans, not bots. This means that the content is user-centric and informative, not just keyword stuffing.

Location emphasis

• Mobile device optimization

• Focus on user experience. Ranking on Google may seem lucrative, but it’s very hard to crack, especially for those with zero technical knowledge. Here, to ease the process, Digitalized Apex Technology provides impeccable digital marketing services to help your brand grow exponentially.

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