Hello everyone. Today’s blog is  about starting your Python programming journey. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to everyone from all backgrounds: students, professionals, mechanical engineers who want to learn programming, and beginners. Today, Python is the most widely used programming language by tech giants such as Google, Netflix, and Facebook. It looks very interesting.

What is Python?

Introduction to python programming It’s also called a general-purpose programming language because it’s used in almost every conceivable domain, as you’ll see below. The following topics explain why Python is so popular.

Why Python programming?

You may ask why Python. Why not just another programming language?

Let me explain:

Each programming language serves a specific purpose or use case depending on the domain. For example, Javascript is his most popular language among web developers. Introduction to python programming It allows developers to process applications through various frameworks such as React, Vue, and Angle to build beautiful user interfaces. Likewise, they have advantages and disadvantages at the same time. So when we think of Python, it  means universal and widely used in all fields. The reason for this is that it is very easy to understand and scalable due to its very fast development speed. Introduction to python programming Now you know why you don’t need any programming background other than learning Python. This is why it is also popular with developers. Python has a simple English-like syntax that allows developers to write programs with fewer lines of code. Being open source, there are many libraries available that make the developer’s life easier and ultimately result in higher productivity. Introduction to python programming In the digital age, where information is available in large datasets, it’s easy to focus on business logic and its advanced skills.

Practical examples:

 1) NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency): One of NASA’s shuttle support contractors, the United Space Alliance, has developed a workflow automation system called WAS. This is fast. Internal Resource Critical Project Status: “Python allows us to handle the complexity of programs like WAS without getting bogged down in the language.” Nasa also publishes his website ( with his 400 open source projects using Python. 

2) Netflix: Netflix has various projects that use Python, such as: 35 to 7 minutes of downtime at no additional charge.

 3) Instagram: Instagram also uses Python extensively. They used Django, a Python web framework, to build a photo-sharing social platform. Also, the framework can be successfully updated without any technical issues.

Let’s Get Started