Video Content – In the battle between reading content and Video Content completion, video wins every time. Humans have a power of concentration comparable to that of goldfish. And since smartphones and a myriad of other digital distractions aren’t going away anytime soon, goldfish are likely to overtake us. Now we just want content, not work for it. This is especially true for advertising on social media. It doesn’t matter how beautifully the post is written. When a video makes a point, consumers are exponentially more likely to indicate the time of day, remember it, and most importantly make purchase decisions based on their emotional response to it. Learn video-by-video how your business can build brand loyalty on social media.

Why Videos are so Effective?

What makes video marketing so much more dynamic than its written counterpart? There are two crucial reasons.

The practical reason is that video simply takes less brain power and delivers the information you need insanely fast. Someone said, “You don’t have to read the book. This may be a nuisance for literature lovers, but the logic is easy to understand.
Normally, reading an entire book would take him a week or so of free time and mental clarity, but a movie would have him spread the same information over two hours, but without a huge brain load. Sensory reasons – In addition to delivering messages much more efficiently, video has two important X-factors that written content lacks. A visual and aural story element. Written content has only text, but video shines with an unparalleled trinity of dialogue, images, and accompanying sound.

You remember a message you’ve seen or heard much better than a message you’ve just read. As a result, we develop deeper emotional responses to them.

Video Stats on Social Media

In case you need further convincing about how powerful a well-placed Video Content on social media can be, check out these eye-popping statistics about videos on the Big 4 social media platforms:

Facebook – On average, Video Content posted on Facebook receive a total of 8 billion views per day. The organic reach of these videos is up to 135% higher than posts containing only photos.

Instagram – Video posts on Instagram have 38% more viewer engagement than photo posts and more than twice as many comments as him.

YouTube – According to YouTube reports, the consumption of mobile his videos on the platform is growing by 100% every year.

Twitter – Twitter hosts an average of 1.2 billion video views per day, a number that has doubled over the past year. Here are some stats about video’s unparalleled performance across social media.

Following a Formula

Customer Testimonials – These Video Content allow you to get your customers to promote you by sharing their real-life positive experiences with your brand. They put you in an enviable position and say: Hear from real customers who love our brand. ”

Tutorials – When using a product requires multiple steps (makeup is a classic example), video tutorials offer a win-win opportunity. Not only does it prove to potential customers that you are willing to give them useful information for free, but it also serves as an effective explanation of how well your product works.

Demonstrations – Similar to tutorials, Video Content demonstrations of your products are highly valued by potential customers as useful information and visual proof that your product works well.

Social media experts recommand time durations for videos

Instagram: Within 30 seconds
Twitter: 45 seconds
Facebook: 1 minute
YouTube: Within 2 minutes
If those timelines seem short, the ones that viewers give the emperor’s thumb to are even faster. Research shows that he has no more than 10 seconds to impress a consumer before they decide to continue scrolling or not.

increase SEO value

You know the saying, “If a tree fell in the forest and there was no one there, did it make a sound?” The same logic applies to video. It’s worth nothing if no one sees it. So one of the top priorities is to boost his SEO value for videos. In other words, try to find a way to get your product to the top of the search results page when users type keywords related to your product into Google.


Content is king and video content is the best. Follow these tips for social media video ad campaigns that grab and hold your audience’s attention.

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