Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-per-click marketing or cost-per-click marketing is a type of internet marketing that involves advertisers paying a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s a popular type of SEO strategy in which advertisers have to pay to place their ads in any search engine. Simply put you only pay for the advertising if your ad is clicked on. Since it makes use of the keywords because as you type on google each typed words give different relevant results. Pay Per Click Marketing makes use of relevant keywords and accordingly charges for each of the clicks and helps you show up on top of the search engine.

Facebook And Twitter Advertising

We use Facebook to promote your business page or post a page to target specific users based on location, profile information, and recent activity. The objective is to create a good impression and engage the customer and not immediate purchase. Also, our team can promote your tweets and Twitter ads to help increase your website clicks, promote your app installs, build your follower base, and increase your video views by targeting an audience based on interests and language. People use Twitter to find out new stuff.

Youtube And Google Advertising

Reach over 30 million viewers per day using TrueView in-stream ads, overlay ads, sponsored cards, and video discovery ads that our team manages and helps target a specific audience. The cost of Youtube ads is based on views, you can also reach potential customers this way. This is the latest way to advertise and sell your products. Our team works specifically toward product sales, bid optimization, and product feed creation. We use the most popular search engine (Google, Google Adsense) to generate sales for your business.

Search Ad

Search advertising is a method of placing advertisements on web pages that show results from when you search online. Basically, Search advertisements and keywords that are entered on search engines are used such that they are similar and this similarity has contributed to the attractiveness of search advertising for advertisers. People usually search for a product or a service online before making a buying decision. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to target the customers within a short time frame with customized advertisements about the products that they want to buy. This forces customers to click on search ads instead of unpaid search results. Our Pay Per Click marketing services allow you to bid on a certain keyword so you target your niche audience.

Display Advertising 

A type of online advertisement that combines text, images, and a URL that links to a website where a customer can learn more about or buy products. Statistics show that on average a person watches 63 ads per day. We make use of basically three types of display marketing first Site placement advertising, second Contextual advertising, and last but not least remarketing. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the above-mentioned display advertising techniques. We will help you create display ads that target the right audience with the right message so your business ROI, brand awareness, and brand visibility increase.

No impact of algorithm changes

Increase traffic to your website

Find out ideal customer


Increase the visibility online

Multi layer target audience

More brand recognition

Budget friendly

Help other SEO strategies

Customized targeting

Lead generation


Is It Necessary Pay Per Click Marketing for business?

In today’s digitally inclined world where everyone is online businesses are looking for low-cost and high-impact advertising options for their businesses. Similarly, PPC agency allows you to grow your brand in front of millions of online users. PPC works the best when your visitor acts like buy your product or services, which leads to lead generation. It helps you to wide wide audiences with a low advertising budget which allows you to add traffic to your website. For any successful business data and data analytics is the most important part. Also, PPC provides you with additional which then helps the other SEO strategies that you would be using. We all know how many changes the Google search algorithm goes throughout but PPC ads don’t depend on these algorithm changes. Also, it allows you to increase your ROI.


We sought Digitalized Apex’s efforts and creativity for our digital marketing activities. They did a magnificent job with the plan and execution. We are also appreciative of the fact that whenever we have asked for any advice, they have always been there to recommend the most cost-effective and efficient solution for our requirements. We wish your company the very best for the future.

Ayush Sharma

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