Salesforce Developer Interview Questions: CRM No. 1 in the world shows no signs of a market downturn. There many jobs in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2022. While administrator roles are in high demand, technical skills are always on the rise. However, when looking for the Salesforce developer role, you should look for a position that fits your qualifications and experience. A Salesforce developer is in high demand these days and makes more money than web developers. Learn basic Salesforce Developer Interview Questions here for clearing your interview.

Tips for getting an interview with Salesforce developers

Here are some of the techniques you can adapt as a Salesforce Developer Interview Questions.

– Create a profile on a social media platform, such as LinkedIn or another job portal.
– Written down a concise resume with all qualifications needed. Also, experience, and any certification in salesforce.
– Make sure the employer can browse your profile and make a good first impression. Remember, they don’t have time to go through unnecessary details.
– Search job boards with exact requirements in mind and filter searches, then apply for selected jobs.
– If you have experience, create work samples or repositories of your work.
– Use LinkedIn’s InMail service for interviewer correspondence.
– Learn more about Salesforce as a company and its owner Marc Benioff. Watch his latest speech.
– Be on time for an interview.
– Prepare yourself with the most frequently asked technical questions.

In this competitive market, there is no shortage of Salesforce professionals. Here are the top Salesforce Developer Interview Questions to highlight during your next Salesforce Developer Interview Questions.

Read Salesforce Developer Interview Questions:

1. What skills are required to become a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer is someone who has a basic understanding of the Salesforce platform. They can become a Salesforce admin later in their career. The developer needs to know how Salesforce works.

In addition, some knowledge of basic concepts such as class, object, attributes, etc. is required. Learn more about the type of skills essential for a Salesforce developer here.

2. What is a custom object in Salesforce?

Custom objects are nothing more than database tables and are the objects you create to store information about a company or industry. When creating a custom object, the Salesforce platform automatically creates items such as page layouts, etc. for user interfaces.

3. How does Salesforce distribute sales tracking?

Salesforce captures details such as sales numbers, customer data, repeat customers, and clerks and uses it to create detailed reports, charts, and dashboards. In this way, it tracks sales in your organization.

4. Differentiate between isBlank and isNull?

Use the ISBLANK() function for text fields. Since text fields can never be NULL, even if nothing is specified as a value, the ISNULL() function only accepts an empty value. If ISNULL() is used with a text field, it returns false.

5. What is the limit on how many records can be added to Salesforce?

Search your name in the user area to view your monthly limit. It provides details such as how many records have been added or exported this month. Users go into Settings, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Prospector Users.

6. What is the difference between roles and profiles in Salesforce?

Roles allow you to control access to Salesforce and influence reports. They control the level of visibility for users of the organization. Users at a specific role level can view, edit, and report on all data shared/owned by users under the hierarchy.

Profiles are mandatory for all users. Profiles control which records a user has access to in a Salesforce org. Users can’t work in a Salesforce org without being assigned to a profile.

7. What is a permission set?

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions to access various tools and features in Salesforce. They are used to extend a user’s functional access without modifying configuration files. A user can only have one profile but can have multiple permission sets.

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