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Here is a list of interview inquiries and responses for SEO Executive

1. What distinguishes on-page SEO from off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is a tactic used on-page or on-site to raise a webpage’s position in search results. It entails a variety of tasks, including creating quality content, preserving keyword density, integrating internal links, and URL optimization.

Off-page SEO strategies are actions conducted outside of your website to raise its search engine rating. It essentially involves advertising your website externally by utilizing strategies like guest posting, link building, and influencer outreach, to mention a few.

2. How did you get proficient in SEO?

In my past positions, I had the chance to work on SEO-focused projects, during which time I picked up some useful SEO skills. Additionally, I have done an “X” SEO course from (name the source), which exposed me to new SEO tactics and gave me a greater understanding of how search engine algorithms operate.

3. What SEO software do you employ?

Even though there are many tools available, I favour Ahrefs, Semrush SEO tool, Moz SEO tool, Google Keyword planner, and Google Search Console.

4. How do you gauge how effective SEO tactics are?

The traffic that is generated on the targeted web page or the campaign’s conversion rate, in my opinion, are the easiest ways to gauge the effectiveness of SEO campaigns.

5. What do you believe the responsibilities of an SEO manager are?

I believe the following are the tasks of an SEO manager:

– Oversee and carry out SEO strategies and campaigns to raise the website’s position in search results.
– Analyze, track, and report on the effectiveness of campaigns and programs.
– Optimize the website’s landing page.
– Establishing and carrying out the content strategy
– Research keywords

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