Laravel Interview Questions – An open-source PHP web application framework is called Laravel. It is an expressive, well-documented, and simple-to-understand framework. Given that both novice and expert users can benefit from the framework, Laravel is exceptionally developer-friendly. You can go deeper into Laravel functionalities as a developer to provide more durable and enterprise-level solutions. The framework is also incredibly scalable, as you can leverage tools like Vapor to employ AWS serverless technology to handle millions of requests.

You will be guided through basic to intermediate Laravel interview questions in this tutorial.

Important Freshers Laravel Interview Questions:

1. Can you tell me the latest version of Laravel?

– So the latest version of Laravel is 8. x.

2. What is Composer?

– Composer is one of the package managers of the framework. Basically, it helps us, to sum up, a new package from the big community into your Laravel application.

3. Which is the templating mail used in a Laravel?

We use Blade. This Blade gives the capacity to use mustache Syntax with a plain PHP and has complied in a plain PHP also cached unless the other change occurs in the file of the blade. Also, the blad file has a .blade.php extension.

4. Laravel support which database?

Some supported databases by Laravel are:
– SQLite
– SQL Server
– PostgreSQL

5. Who are artisans?

Basically, artisans are the command line tool for Laravel which helps the developer to build an application.

6. Define environment variables in Laravel?

We can define it as a .env file in the project directory. A brand new Laravel application comes with a .env.example and with time install a copy of this file and also rename it. env and all the environment variables will define here.

Examples of the environment variables are APP _ENV, DB_HOST, DB_PORT, etc.

7. Can we utilize Laravel for Frontend and Backend Development?

The greatest option for creating progressive, scalable full-stack web apps is Laravel. Laravel can be used for the backend of full-stack online applications, while blade files or SPAs utilizing Vue.js, which is included by default, can be used for the front end. However, it may also be used to simply give a SPA application access to the rest APIs.

Laravel can therefore be used to create complete applications or just the backend APIs.

8. In Laravel, what are factories?

The use of factories allows for the automatic entry of values into certain model fields. For instance, we can use factories to create classes for each model and populate fields with the appropriate data during testing when we add several fictitious records to the database. UserFactory.php is included with each new Laravel application.

17. What is throttling and how does Laravel use it?

Rate-limiting requests from a certain IP address is a practice called throttling. This can also be used to thwart DDOS attacks. Laravel offers a middleware for throttling that can be added to routes and the global middleware list to execute the middleware for each request.

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