Aaron Rodgers calls himself greatest Packers QB of all-time

In a scintillating interview with NBA star Serge Ibaka, Aaron Rodgers admits he is the greater Green Bay Packers quarterback between him and Brett Favre.

Serge Ibaka’s move to the Milwaukee Bucks has had a profound effects on the sports landscape, namely by making an exclusive in-season interview with Aaron Rodgers possible.

Ibaka featured Rodgers in the latest episode of Ibaka’s hit YouTube show, “How Hungry Are You?”

Rodgers had plenty of fun with Ibaka’s questions, joking that Josh Allen was the worst quarterback in the NFL and that he would happily trade away David Bakhtiari.

“Who’s the greatest Packers quarterback of all time: you or Brett Favre?” Ibaka asked.

“Bart Starr,” Rodgers replied. Eventually, Rodgers caved to Ibaka’s questioning.

“Me,” Rodgers admitted and shrugged. “Who’s not gonna say yourself? Come on,” he continued.

“I know you tried to be cool, but it’s simple,” Ibaka replied, agreeing with Rodgers’ answer.