‘Do you have no shame?’: Tulsi Gabbard grills congressman-elect George Santo

Republican congressman-elect George Santos is under fire on multiple fronts – including in a blistering interview with Tulsi Gabbard and an investigation by Long Island prosecutors – after admitting to lying about his heritage, education and professional pedigree.

Late Wednesday, Santos also faced questions on social media over contradictory tweets on the timing of his mother’s death.

One post on his account suggested she died in the September 11 attacks in New York, another said she died in 2016.

The tweets appear to have been sent from his official Twitter account.

Santos faced tough questioning in a Fox News interview on Tuesday with Gabbard, the former congresswoman and presidential candidate.

In the interview, Santos claimed he is not a “fraud” when asked about the recent revelations that his claims about his career and identity are riddled with lies and fabricated records.

The interview came the same day as fresh allegations that he falsely claimed a Jewish identity.