Kehlani draws a line with fans after sexual-assault claim: ‘Respect me as a human’

Singer Kehlani is standing her ground after she alleged a fan sexually assaulted her as she was walking through the audience after a recent concert.

In a since-deleted Instagram Stories post on Monday, the Grammy-nominated “Distraction” artist claimed a fan put their “hands up my skirt & started pulling my underwear to touch my genitals.”

“This s— made me sick to my stomach,” they said, according to Billboard. “As a victim of sexual assault, I am endlessly triggered and mindblown.”

In a TikTok video on Wednesday, the “Up at Night” artist further addressed the claim. They reassured fans that they are “good” and at home with family.

“I put it out there, what happened, so I that I can set a proper boundary with my audience, with my fanbase — the people who do come to see me out or come to a concert,” Kehlani said.

“I set that boundary so that you guys can know how to please just respect me as a human, me as an individual.”

In the deleted Instagram Stories from Monday, Kehlani added that the audience member assaulted them as they were “being escorted through a crowd after performing.”

The singer said in the TikTok that they regret that the incident made headlines, but understands “it’s such a serious thing.” Kehlani added that she has no response to the “negative” comments and assumptions she has received since posting about the alleged event.