Backend & API Development

Most people are aware of the front-end of a website but the front-end or client-side is just the tip of the iceberg. A large part of application development for the web has to do with what is called the back-end. We can think of the back-end as a service that sends data to the front end. API is described as an interface between any kind of two applications. All the Heavy lifting is done by the back-end or server-side. We are a leading service company providing the best Back-end API services. We are a team of professional Backend developers.

Custom Backend API Development

Our highly qualified Backend developers at Digitalized Apex Pvt. Ltd. provide bespoke backend advancement solutions. Our team of API developers has many years of experience designing both simple and complex web app integrations. It allows the developers to link to back-end cloud-based storage, most often for push notifications, data storage, file storage, messaging queues, monitoring, and configuration, while bringing various services to your clients at their fingertips. 

Backend API Management

As more and more people are coming online these days, API Management has become critical. Therefore building and maintenance of APIs are crucial to the business. Our professionals also provide Backend API development and management services through the use of various API devices from our top Backend developers. It also handles requests in a scalable and secure manner.
In API Management, a backend is an HTTP service that implements your front-end API and its actions.

Backend CRM Development

Our firm offers a CRM Progression Backend solution. The CRM process is a five-step technique for personalizing and meaningfully engaging every customer interaction.

  1. Generate Brand Awareness
  2. Acquire Leads
  3. Convert leads into customers
  4. Provide Superior Support
  5. Drive Upsells and Referrals

Dedicated Backend API Development Company

Our firm has a team of dedicated Backend developers & API developers who have a long history of delivering API, backend development services & maintaining APIs. Our expert team has ample experience developing APIs for various functions & procedures. API development helps simplify app development while giving you flexibility, simple design, user friendly and saving you money.

Privacy and authentication

Target multiple plateform

Versatility and scalability

Faster deployement

Smart devices and automation

Automatically generated docs

Alerting for runtime errors

Enhanced security

Data management assistance

Authentication Via an API key

Accelerated API delivery


Is It Necessary Backend And API Development For Business?

At Digitalized Apex, we build scalable digital platforms fully customized to our client’s and users’ needs. We provide the right ecosystem to cover all integration needs. It is where the complex business logic of an application lives and where the data is processed and served. In addition to that, the adoption of APIs by enterprises has increased tremendously over the past decade. APIs act as the gateway to your digital enterprise enabling them is necessary to make or break your digital business strategy.


I’ve been designing mobile apps and services for companies ranging from emerging start-ups to Fortune days. Digitalized apex has been an excellent development partner for Stomp Sessions. Digitalized apex rapid development approach works in concert with our highly iterative process.


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